How Journalist Catch Wind of the Newest Scoop

At its core, the internet is the online version of New York City. It never sleeps, and new information is continuously being created and developed. Being a journalist in our current era leads to the constant search for new knowledge and information.

Trying to find the newest scoop in a sea of memes and false facts can be daunting. Persistence, experience, and these simple tips will help you to catch the latest scoop quickly.


Find Your Niche

There’s just too much in the world to be able to cover everything going on. While it’s possible to have an interest in many different areas, finding a niche will be beneficial to your reporting.

Having an area of expertise allows you to focus in on a single industry. Getting a scoop comes from having your foot in the door and making connections. This is impossible to do when spreading yourself too thin.


Be On the Search for Interesting People

This point goes hand-in-hand with finding a niche to work within. If you are focused on a single group, it allows you to follow the social media of people of interest within the chosen industry as well as attend special events.

For example, someone who has a niche in video games or nerd culture would get into the habit of attending conventions such as PAX, Comic Comic, or E3. These events happen throughout the year and always showcase the newest information from game companies and independent developers.

Being a journalist also has the perks of getting discounted passes to these events. Check out the event’s website to see if there is media passes or kits available.


Stay Curious and Ask the Hard Questions

When someone hands over information, think deeply about the topic and take it the next step further. A solid journalist has experience in asking why and can stay curious about every question. Sometimes the newest scoop is hidden underneath something that we think has already been answered.